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Physiotherapist, Breathing and Stress Coach Emma Ferris

Hi there, I’m Emma Trauma and stress coach would best describe what I do and who I am now. I'm professionally trained as a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, pilates and breathing coach.… I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients over the years. With their discomfort, chronic pain, injury, illness and disease. Many who don't respond to traditional or conventional methods. I am obsessed with the stress-breath connection and fascinated by what people can achieve when they reset their body and rewire their brain with better breathing. Beyond just a few slow breaths it is about teaching your body to feel safe and recover from trauma. That works on so many levels and I make sure you address each level. From the emotions, body, mind and heart. I love to empower you to reset your own health and recalibrate your habits that may be stopping you from reaching your potential or keeping you stuck in fight, flight or freeze mode. It is my own crazy journey of trauma, recovery and growth that has catapulted me into living my healthiest and happiest life. I am a straight shooter so expect practical tools, support and inspiration for you to finally make the changes you need. Take the leap to choose you and your health by joining me on this journey.

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    1. Stress Buster video

    2. Are you ready to Cultivate Calm

    3. Want to learn more about Cultivating Calm? This is how it works

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